In the beginning . . .

I’ve been a lurker long enough. It’s time to actively participate in the worldwide conversations that flow through the internet. Although I read voraciously and follow a lively group of professionals via Twitter, thus far, my online experiences have primarily been passive; I read and read then think and think, but I haven’t engaged in the discourse that abounds. Today is the day. Today is the day I vow to step out into the online community.

As a school improvement consultant, I visit classrooms all across the United States. I’ve seen remarkable examples of teaching and learning, but I’ve also sat through some mind-numbing instruction that sucks the last tiny particle of joy out of learning. Together, we can acknowledge and reinforce the positive practices and seek solutions to the joy-sucking issue.

Education is a complex system I liken to pieces of string tangled into a bundled mess. Each string represents some element of education: instruction, engagement, safety, discipline, accountability, etc. When one string is pulled, another string is affected. Sometimes it pulls free from the tangle, but other times it pulls other strings into a knot, complicating whatever comes next.  Every decision we make or action we take on any element of education has the potential for unintended consequences. Together, we may be able to think through some of these knotty issues and anticipate the outcome.

Through this blog, I will reflect, muse, question, and explore issues related to education. The blog will express my opinions shaped by my experiences in schools and share tips, ideas, and resources I discover along the way. I hope to engage in thoughtful conversation with other people interested in education. Please join me on my ongoing quest to learn and grow through participation in this amazing online community of teachers and learners.

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One Comment on “In the beginning . . .”

  1. amy kelly graham Says:

    In the course of my 15 years teaching, I have attended a good many professional development events both at school and at conferences. Many of them were an unbelievable waste of time and money; some were enriching and professionally refreshing. NONE of them sent my mind reeling with endless ideas like your session at HSTW in Atlanta.

    I look forward to reading and to being enriched and to having my thoughts provoked by your musings.

    Best wishes for a successful blogosphere experience!

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